Middle School Ministry


Welcome to the Middle School Ministry of The Greater Houston Church!

In the Middle School Ministry, we are all about growing together while we learn about the Bible and God’s amazing and unconditional love. The middle school years can definitely be a time of transition. During this time, your middle schooler is showing more independence, being faced with challenging moral decisions as well as trying to find their identity. At the Greater Houston Church, we want to help your child learn how to use their new independence to glorify God, face peer pressure with biblical principles, and begin to establish their identity with God.

On this website, you’ll find information about our vision, programs, calendar, and communication. If this is your first time here, we encourage you to check out the programs we offer, as well as, the latest in news and upcoming events.

Our goal is to partner with parents in order to help mold junior high students into future disciples of Christ. By using an active and engaging curriculum, fun and practical activities, and having fun fellowship times together, we will help encourage and nurture a desire for a relationship with Christ for each child.