Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Generally, no refunds will be issued for event payments and donations without a valid reason for the refund request (see separate policy for the Texas Youth Camp below).  The validity of a request is at the discretion of The Greater Houston Church.  Valid reasons for a refund may include but are not limited to:

  • Error in registration resulting in duplicate charges
  • Family health emergency that prevents one from participating in the event
  • Natural causes that prevent one from participating in the event

Because the event registrations on result in hotel and other obligations for the church, refunds will not be granted if the participant simply chooses not to attend.  Likewise, donations can not be refunded if the donor changes their mind.

If an event is cancelled, refunds will be issued to the original card used in the transaction.  If an event is rescheduled, refunds will issued upon request if the participant is no longer able to attend.

Refund requests should be submitted in writing by emailing within 30 days of an event or donation.

Texas Youth Camp Refund Policy

The Texas Youth Camp will not issue any refunds once you have registered. When you register your camper, we reserve a spot for you at Forest Glen and are committed to paying for that spot. If for some reason, your camper is unable to attend after you have registered, please contact the camp administrator to see if funds can be transferred to pay for another attending camper. Transfer of funds is not guaranteed, but will be considered and approved upon several factors and with the approval of the camp director. Thank you for understanding. Any questions can be directed to Jennifer Rodgers at